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Six Equipment Options for Small Spaces

Beverage solutions that save room, but still deliver robust sales

equipment options for smaller outlets

Location, location, location! Or so the saying goes. But in many urban areas, the best locations mean a big trade-off in terms of square footage. And one of the bigger problems small retailers face is finding the space to accommodate floor coolers, display racks and drink dispensers.

Luckily, The Coca-Cola Company has a variety of small-space-optimized beverage equipment and marketing displays that can save room while still helping to deliver robust sales.

According to Francis McGorry, general manager, New York Metro Operating Unit, for Coca-Cola, tight real estate is simply a reality in many major markets.

Among the equipment options for small spaces:

  • Barrel coolers: Positioned by the checkout counter, floor-standing barrels place Coca-Cola products in the right spot for easy customer access and incremental sales. There are electric versions that can be recharged and versions that you simply fill with ice.
  • Ice coolers: Traditional coolers and countertop icers are compact and functional. They are also less expensive than other options.
  • Flex racks: The tall, narrow and brightly colored metal drink displays take up only a couple of feet of floor space and are ideal for tight spaces and endcaps.
  • Shipper racks: Similar to flex racks, the brightly colored cardboard displays take up little retail real estate.
  • The Coca-Cola Freestyle® 7000: This countertop dispenser gives medium-volume outlets the performance of the original Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser on a smaller scale.
  • Countertop fountain: The six-value Counter Electric fountain is just 19 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The six-valve IceBev combo fountain is only slightly larger, at 22 inches wide and 30 inches deep.

"We often hear our customers in these markets tell us they don't have the space for point-of-sale ad materials," McGorry says. "But by creating and offering customers equipment and point-of-sale materials that meet that specific need, we at Coca-Cola set ourselves apart as a business partner."

To explore these and other equipments for your business, contact a Coca-Cola representative or visit Coke Catalog.

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Published: January 26, 2016