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Boost Premium Water Sales with smartwater® Cooler and Rack Display

Showcase smartwater® to increase occasions and sales

smartwater beverage merchandising

In the race for top billing in the premium water segment, smartwater® has been a leader in the United States. 1 By driving 35% of the growth in the category, realizing over 19% growth in 2015, and outselling the closest competitive brand, smartwater is poised to continue to convert shoppers in shares of single-serve water.1

To help customers continue this winning streak, The Coca-Cola Company has introduced new equipment for easy, convenient, attractive smartwater display merchandising.

Streamlined Storage
The new smartwater equipment is a combination cooler and merchandise rack that offers streamlined, efficient storage. The design of the equipment is contemporary and understated, and intended to engage shoppers along the path of purchase. 

The display’s low profile fits small and large store footprints, and is designed to occupy a minimal amount of space white still allowing ample pack out. The adjustable shelves are built for both ambient and cool merchandise. The base shelf can hold six 6-packs or 35, 1-liter bottles, while the cross merchandising wing can hold 12, 20-ounce bottles on each shelf.  The cooler holds 45, 20-ounce bottles

Engaging Shoppers
As the popularity of smartwater increases, as evidenced by the 4.9 million buying households and the 6 million in unit growth for 2015, this premium water beverage can be considered a drink of choice for affluent, active, on-the-go customers.2 The smartwater® display racks are designed to help customers meet the needs of shopper occasions to drive sales and revenue. 

For more information on placing an order for Coca-Cola products like smartwater, or ordering the smartwater cooler/rack display, contact your local Coca-Cola representative for help.

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Published: February 06, 2017