Troubleshoot Equipment Using Phone Fix® Videos

Great-tasting drinks are important when your customers order beverages from your outlet. If you’re having a challenge with your fountain system or Coca-Cola Freestyle®, you may want to watch these Phone Fix® videos to learn how to effectively troubleshoot the equipment. 

Restoring Carbonation Due to Power Loss of Carbonator
Review the step-by-step process to restore the carbonation to a fountain dispensing system due to a power loss. Using a few simple steps, you will learn the most likely reasons for a power loss.

If the fountain system is just dispensing high-pressure air, restore carbonation and follow these steps:

1. Check the electrical plug – if motor starts running move to step 4.
2. Check the outlet by using a different appliance that is known to be working.
3. Check the breaker.
4. Wait until the motor stops – then purge the dispenser.

Restoring Carbonation Due to Loss of Water
See a step-by-step process for restoring carbonation due to loss of water when the fountain dispensing system is only dispensing high pressure air. Check the water supply in a few simple steps. After water flow is restored to the dispenser, you must run each of the valves to fill the supply lines with water.

If the system is dispensing just high-pressure air, follow these steps:

1. Check the water supply to see if it is turned off.
2. Make sure handles are set to the on position.
3. Wait for water to fill the carbonator.
4. Run each of dispensing valve to fill the lines.

Fountain System Only Dispensing Water with No Syrup
Watch a step-by-step process to troubleshoot when the fountain dispensing unit is only dispensing water, with no syrup, through any of the dispensers. Learn how to check the system for adequate CO2 pressure. If the initial steps are unsuccessful, you may be required to refill the CO2 supply.

To Restore Syrup dispensing, follow these steps:

1. Locate CO2 gauges.
2. Determine if the black pressure needle is in the red or green.
3. If the needle is in the red zone, then verify valve is fully open.
4. If you utilize a bulk tank, look at the pressure gauges on the tank to verify they are 5. at 105 PSI and 65 PSI.
6. If you utilize a bulk tank and the pressure readings are low, you will need to call to have it refilled.
7. Return to fountain and dispense from all valves to verify color is restored.

Flat Drinks with No Carbonation Due to Warmed Soda Water
Watch a step-by-step process to troubleshoot when the fountain dispensing unit is only dispensing syrup and water, without carbonation. A common factor is lack of cooling from ice to keep the carbonated water flowing. By checking the ice within the dispenser, you may be able to resolve the issue.

1. Are drinks warm or cold?
2. If drinks are warm, then check ice and replenish if it’s low.
3. Wait two or three minutes for the carbonator to cool down.
4. Run carbonated beverages from each dispensing unit until bubbles return.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Not Dispensing or Screen Frozen and Not Responding
Watch a step-by-step instructional video to learn about the steps required to restore a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser where the screen is frozen and not changing, or when the machine is not responding. Start the process by restarting the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.

Follow the procedure outlined in the video, including:

1. Reboot Coca-Cola Freestyle to resolve.
2. Open the doors.
3. Turn off green main power supply.
4. Wait 30 seconds.
5. Turn the main power supply back on.
6. Wait for reboot to complete (this takes approximately 4-1/2 minutes).
7. After the reboot completes, test multiple flavors to verify system operation.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Not Dispensing Diet Drinks
Watch this instructional video to walk through the steps for restoring diet drinks. There are two main causes for this issue: the NNS sweetener may be past the enjoy by date, or empty. You’ll walk through the Coca-Cola Freestyle menus and learn how to replace the NNS sweetener box.

Follow the procedure outlined in the video, including:

1. Validate that the NNS diet sweetener box is full and within the enjoy by date.
2. Log in to the dashboard using the secret handshake top right hand corner of beverage screen.
3. Verify the date provided is later than the current date.
4. At the top of the screen, touch the Service Menu. Open the lower door.
5. Is there product in the NNS box?
6. Determine if empty or past the enjoy by date, and if either of those conditions exist, then change out box.
7. Enter mode Manager, and enter the store password.
8. NNS will turn dark grey, ask you to prime, and touch will prompt verify box for yes.
9. Machine will prime with soda water for 30 seconds.
10. Touch Consumer View in the lower left.
11. Test NNS diet beverages.

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