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Have You Considered Coca-Cola Freestyle® Yet?

Five reasons to install the innovative beverage dispenser

Have you considered adding a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser to your outlet?

The beverage market is changing and more competitive than ever. Consumers want variety, fun, and more ways to engage. Pressures are mounting to save time and space. That’s why there’s Coca-Cola Freestyle®. Here are five reasons you should consider what’s already working in more than 16,000 U.S. outlets.

More Sales
The award-winning Coca-Cola Freestyle drives total outlet profitability by offering consumers more of what they want from beverages when they dine out... quality, variety, choice, and fun. According to The Coca-Cola Company and third-party Coca-Cola Freestyle research, outlets with the dispenser see a three percent median increase in traffic, and a five percent median increase in total beverage incidence. With Coca-Cola Freestyle, customers choose 48 percent more from new and unique beverage brands that are not readily available elsewhere.

Loyal Customers
Because the high-tech Coca-Cola Freestyle allows drink lovers loads of choices — more than 100, including 70 low- and no-calorie options — people seek it out. Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed by Consumer Tracker say they go to restaurants that have the dispenser because it offers something they can’t get elsewhere. Fifty-four percent say they go out of their way to visit restaurants that offer Coca-Cola Freestyle, according to Consumer Tracker research.

An Innovative App
The Coca-Cola Freestyle app syncs consumers’ phones directly to your dispenser. Fans create their favorite drink mixes, save the recipes to the app, and then use the app to get the same drinks on return trips. The app also pushes to limited-time promotions, including sweepstakes and exclusive specialty drink mixes. The app locator leads thirsty customers directly to your door — what more could you ask for?

Operational Ease
Coca-Cola Freestyle innovates, saves storage space, and makes it easy for crews to maintain. These dispensers leverage technology to simplify routine operational activities like changing an ingredient package. Plus, the typical customer is able to significantly reduce the amount of backroom space dedicated to its beverage system.

Full-Service Support
Not only is the dispenser built with multipatented technology, Coca-Cola Freestyle’s data connectivity capability provides analytics, consumption data, component performance, ingredient ordering, remote diagnostics/repair information, marketing engagement and remote content updates.

No matter the size of your business, there's a Coca-Cola Freestyle built for you. Contact a Coca-Cola representative.

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Published: June 01, 2015