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Tips for Beverage Cooler Maintenance

Keeping coolers in good working order to prevent issues

In sight – out of mind. That's a pretty apt summation of most convenience retail beverage coolers. Coolers are a key component in terms of customer perception and customer satisfaction with Coca-Cola products. Which is why keeping them in good working order is vital for convenience retailers. Luckily, problems with beverage coolers are easy to spot and troubleshoot. And if a major repair or replacement is required, The Coca-Cola Company makes certain the process is as quick and painless as possible.

There are really two main issues that can occur with beverage coolers, according to Zach Chittam, senior engineer, CCNA Equipment Commercialization for
The Coca-Cola Company, and both of them tend to be easy to spot. "The first issue is lighting," Chittam says. "Poorly illuminated coolers simply aren't attractive, and don't draw customers in because the products inside the cooler aren't being displayed attractively."

The second issue Chittam points to is cooler performance. This is one of the major factors affecting customer satisfaction with a Coca-Cola® product. If a cooler isn't meeting temperature requirements, it can quickly lead to a sub-par customer experience simply because a beverage wasn't cold enough.

Lighting issues are obvious, although temperature issues can be harder to spot. A lot of times it takes good customer feedback to identify an issue. There are often telltale signs that convenience retailers could be on the lookout for indicating that a cooler is not performing properly or about to fail. “If you see a lot of condensation on the cooler glass or a lot of water on the floor at the base of the unit, it's a sign that the refrigeration unit is going bad, or the door isn't sealed properly,” says Chittam.

Even if condensation is present, Chittam says that simple troubleshooting can resolve the issue. "Make sure the front grill at the foot of the cooler is clean and clear of dust buildup," he says. "You need to make sure you have good air flow all around the base of the cooler. Many of our models have bumpers on the back side to make sure there is adequate space there to insure good air flow,” he says. ”Although coolers don't get moved around much – it's worth taking a look to make sure everything is ok back there. Check the door seal to make sure it's in good repair and not obviously obstructed."

If troubleshooting doesn't work and a service call is required, the process is as simple as calling your local Coca-Cola bottler. Each cooler has a service sticker to provide all the information needed to initiate a service call. It's a good idea to have information on the make and model of the unit and the nature of the problem handy when you place the call.

"Coolers are really low maintenance pieces of equipment," Chittam says. "If you take the time to work closely with your installers to make sure coolers are placed correctly, and routinely clean the air intake grills, they can last for years. But if service is needed, Coca-Cola will make sure your issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Coolers are key when it comes to customer satisfaction.”

Need help with your cooler? Whether you are a retailer or a foodservice operator, your local Coca-Cola representative can help. Find a Coca-Cola representative

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Published: December 19, 2016