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Coca-Cola Freestyle® 7000 Named Tops by National Restaurant Association

Countertop model of beverage dispenser gets props for innovation

the countertop Coca-Cola Freestyle machine wins a FABI Award

In early April, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) named the Coca-Cola Freestyle® 7000 a recipient of the Food and Beverage (FABI) Award for 2015.

The FABIs recognize the food and beverage products that the association believes will significantly impact the restaurant industry in years to come. An independent panel representing a variety of commercial and noncommercial industry segments selected the winners based on their benefits to restaurant operators and consumers.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000 is a "right-size solution for medium-volume outlets," meaning that operators who want the advantages of the original Coca-Cola Freestyle on a smaller scale can now have just that.

"Our industry feels a continuous drive to innovate, to stay on trend, and to deliver on guest satisfaction, and this year's FABI Awards showcase the companies and innovators that...provide opportunities to answer consumer demands, advance menu development, and improve efficiencies for virtually any operation," said John Metz, NRA convention chair and CEO, executive chef, and co-founder of Marlow's Tavern, Aqua Blue, and Sterling Spoon Culinary Management.

Offering more than 60 beverages, the ;Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000 dispenser is a "right-size solution for medium-volume outlets," meaning that operators who want the advantages of the original Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser on a smaller scale can now have just that, without compromising consumer engagement, brand variety and choice, and access to consumption data and marketing programs. The ice-cooled countertop dispenser is designed for foodservice operators who want to grow their beverage businesses but have limited space.

According to ;Coca-Cola Freestyle proprietary research, including BevLogic data, Coca-Cola Freestyle Customer Tracker, and Harrison Group and Coca-Cola Freestyle Consumer Tracking Wave, the original Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser drives outlet profitability, with a 5 percent increase in total beverage incidence and 3 percent increase in traffic. Guests perceive restaurants with the dispensers more positively, and about 66 percent of people say they are more likely to revisit restaurants where a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser is offered.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000 dispenser previewed at the 2014 NRA show. Contact your local Coca-Cola& representativeto learn more.

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Published: May 07, 2015