Merchandise Right with Coke Catalog

Getting powerful Coca-Cola point-of-purchase materials for your business is easy, thanks to Coke Catalog. The e-commerce site is designed to be fast, easy and fun to use while delivering high-impact, Coca-Cola sanctioned marketing tools and merchandise — signagetumblerscapsapparel and more — you and your customers will love.

Coke Catalog is designed for the modern Internet shopper. Easy-to-locate tabs at the top of the page make on-site navigation a breeze, and browsing products is a snap. A powerful internal search engine allows you to quickly zero in on specific items. The tabs themselves help users locate items by a variety of categories, including beverage brands or marketing programs.

Once you find what you're looking for, add the items to your shopping cart. Then finalize and place your order. A customized "Add Ship-To" link lets you designate deliveries to single or multiple store locations with just a few clicks. Payment is by credit card. Once an order is placed, an email confirmation verifies the purchase. The Order Status link on your Coke Catalog Profile page allows for easy order tracking based on order number, date range or user history.

Need more detailed instruction before you get started? Watch the video below or read through our tip sheet.

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