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Coca-Cola Freestyle® Makes It a Snap to Display Calories

FDA requires chains of 20+ locations to show beverage calorie content

How many calories are in a 10-ounce cup of Barq’s®? What about a 12-ounce cup of Minute Maid® Cherry Lemonade? Beginning in May 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will require that any chain restaurant with 20 outlets or more display calorie content for all beverage brands and cup sizes on the menu and in any self-serve beverage area. Operators using Coca-Cola Freestyle® are one step ahead. 

5 Minutes to Complete
By January 2017, all self-serve Coca-Cola Freestyle® dispensers will receive an automatic software update that will enable operators to easily turn on the calorie display feature across all beverage brands. At this time, the store manager can follow a simple process to activate the calorie display. This programming takes about five minutes to complete. Once activated, the calorie display will appear on the bottom right side of the screen every time a customer selects a beverage. When a new brand is added to the Coca-Cola Freestyle, the machine will automatically update the menu database – without the need for any further manager programming. 

Advantage of Coca-Cola Freestyle
Coca-Cola Freestyle® innovation and technology creates a time and convenience advantage over other dispensing equipment. Because a sign will be required in any self-serve beverage area displaying beverage calorie content for chain establishments. Any change in brand or cup size will require that new signs be printed and displayed. 

All Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers include the calorie-display feature, and independent owners and operators are also welcome to enable it.

Download a helpful instruction sheet for Coca-Cola Freestyle 7000.

Download a helpful instruction sheet for Coca-Cola Freestyle 9000.

For crew training, please watch a video on "How to Activate Calorie Display" in Coca-Cola Freestyle to comply with menu labeling regulation:

For additional support or questions on Coca-Cola Freestyle, contact 1-800-241-COKE (2653) or contact your Coca-Cola representative.

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Published: April 24, 2017