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The Coca-Cola Freestyle® Mobile App Empowers Customers

Capitalize on innovation that leads to loyalty and sales

The Coca-Cola Freestyle® mobile app has added even more high-tech functionality to provide foodservice operators with more ways to extend the guest experience — and drive value. The mobile app has a loyal and growing following that enables The Coca-Cola Company to reach out to and engage with customers on behalf of operators. In addition, the app enhances the guest experience for Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers, and delivers on customer expectations.

Benefits of the App to Your Business
With the prevalence of smartphones and their role in making choices and purchases, mobile apps truly matter, and customers (particularly millennials), expect to have the ability to interact with retailers on their phones.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle mobile app enables operators to deliver better beverage experiences without any extra work required of crew members. The app distinguishes Coca-Cola Freestyle locations over other places that do not have a dispenser with features that include:

  • Location finder
  • Brand page for awareness of brand choices 
  • Categories to inspire purchases
  • Mix customizer
  • Rewards to incentive customers for repeat visits
  • Special offers and more 

Mix It Up
The mix customizer is one of the most popular features and promotes the
Coca-Cola Freestyle promise to empower customers with more choices. Customers love to create their signature mixes and share their concoctions with friends and family. Mixing delivers a fun and innovative experience that promotes the “cool” factor for the operator’s brand.

Customers can also receive mixing recipes each week that are automatically sent—with no action needed from operators. Some of these mixes leverage big marketing assets from 
The Coca-Cola Company,
such as tie-ins with movies and celebrities that have big fan followings.

Location Finder
How important is a location finder feature? Eighty-one percent of consumers say they have searched for a restaurant on a mobile device, and 50% of those who conducted a local search visited via their phone visited the store within a day.1
The Coca-Cola Freestyle app’s location features also delivers money-making results. Consumers use the feature to conduct approximately 200,000 searches a year, driving traffic to your door.² Targeted media buys on sites such as Waze also help consumers find this feature when they are searching via mobile. 

Boosting Loyalty
Customers also like the rewards feature of the mobile app. As such, marketing to them with offers and rewards can help operators entice them to visit their locations more frequently. For operators who place signs in the outlet to communicate these app programs, consumer engagement with the dispensers increases significantly.  

App Creates Opportunity
To date, there have been more than 1.7 million downloads of the mobile app.³ The app recruits a valuable customer base, and creates greater awareness of locations like yours that feature a
Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. 

For foodservice operators, the app provides a way to deliver the innovative marketing expected of a beverage dispenser that gives customers more freedom to choose.

Download the Coca-Cola Freestyle app today. For more information, ask your local Coca-Cola representative about the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. 

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Published: January 05, 2017