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Racks Help Retailers Dive into Premium Water Trend

Merchandise on-the-go purchases of smartwater®

Savvy retailers are taking advantage of the rapid growth of premium water1, reminding shoppers about their daily H2O intake with ambient water display racks for 1-liter bottles of smartwater® – the fastest growing premium water brand2. The importance of this liquid refreshment continues to escalate as evidenced by increasing on-the-go purchases.

Here’s the good news for retailers:

  • Premium water grew 26% – or $87 million – in 2013 in c-stores alone and produced $800 million in retail sales across the U.S.1
  • One liter is the largest-selling package, making up 40% of premium water sales and adding $31 million in growth to the category3.
  • smartwater is the top-selling premium water in the country – twice as much as its leading competitor – and growing 38% in convenience outlets4.

smartwater’s profitability has prompted c-stores and other outlets to maintain a display year-round because water consumption is not limited to hot weather. And, since it can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature, clever operators make shoppers aware of both options by cross-promoting smartwater with point-of-sale at the cold vault and at the display.

Racks are often strategically placed in the “imminent zone” – also known as inspiration zone – located between the food area and the front register or cold vault and checkout. This prompts shoppers to grab hydration to consume in the near future. And while these units take up a small footprint, they hold ample product for big sales.

For more information or to add smartwater ambient racks to your store, contact your Coca-Cola representative. You also can access the merchandising units on Coke Catalog and point-of-sale tools on Design Machine.

Sources 1-4: Nielsen Scantrack CR 52 W/E 4/20/13

Published: July 22, 2014