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Connect with Customers Through My Coke Rewards®

Revamped program reaches customers through mobile technology

My Coke Rewards

Consumers today seek retail experiences that reflect and enhance their lives. They rely heavily on mobile technology and social media to connect with both people and places. With that in mind, The Coca-Cola Company has revamped its popular My Coke Rewards® (MCR) loyalty program to be accessible to consumers on their preferred devices and with a focus on content, social and experiential rewards.

Retailers and foodservice operators can use MCR to spread awareness of their businesses and connect with consumers via email and text. Because MCR now works seamlessly across all platforms, it has dynamic mobile capabilities, such as geo-targeting and mobile couponing. That means your messaging can be targeted regionally and/or to specific market segments. So if a partner in Milwaukee wants to speak only to moms or Millennials, precision technology sends brand messaging only to certain groups, said Mike Weaver, Data Strategy & Precision Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company.

Weaver said the new program offers partners turnkey solutions to meet an array of business objectives, including drive trial, traffic, volume, and loyalty and retention. "My Coke Rewards bring together Coca-Cola brands, customers and partners all in the same program, and delivers value through technology and digital innovation like never before," he noted.

MCR relaunched in late January 2015 with new features designed to meet the desires and expectations of the 23 million members. Among them are an interface that is compatible across all mobile devices and personalized, interactive content that engages, entertains and educates, as well as new offers and reward selections that add value to consumer interactions with Coca-Cola brands.

The idea behind the new MCR is to create a more emotional connection with customers around lifestyle activities and topics they are passionate about, such as gaming, cooking and fitness. "Members now have access to more valuable, experiential-type rewards for sharing content they are passionate about on social channels and mobile devices they use on a daily basis," Weaver said. Members can still cash in points for Coca-Cola beverage coupons and retailer gift cards, but new rewards come in the form of experiences such as cooking classes with celebrity chefs and premier tickets to sporting events.

Talk to a Coca-Cola representative to learn more about how you can make the most of My Coke Rewards.

Published: July 01, 2015