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Coke® with Meals Helps Grocers Capitalize on Trends

Ask the right questions to capture revenue in all departments

Two converging trends present one big opportunity for grocers. With more people eating at home — yet making shorter supermarket shopping trips — pairing Coke® with meals can help retailers capture more revenue from the deli, meat and frozen departments as shoppers dash in to grab dinner.

"To help grocers capitalize on current trends, we've examined data from a variety of sources," says Andy McMillin, vice president of Shopper Marketing, Coca-Cola Refreshments. "The approach becomes clear when you ask the right questions."

Where are people eating? 
"People eat at home more often these days to save money, connect with family and ensure better-for-you meals," McMillin explains. "Supermarkets need to position themselves to take advantage of these trends."

How are they shopping for food? 
Thanks to busy schedules and limited time, the typical grocery store visit is very short. In fact, many are quick fill-in trips, compared to longer, stock-up excursions.

What beverages do consumers prefer with meals?
"Shoppers are — and will continue to — buy sparkling beverages to consume at home with meals," says McMillin. "By making the purchase more convenient, retailers can capture sales that they might otherwise lose to competitors."

What brand do consumers most desire with food? 
Coca-Cola is the #1 brand consumers prefer with meals.

How do all these pieces come together?
"Because consumers prefer to drink Coke with food, grocers have an opportunity to maximize shoppers' basket potential by offering convenient meal solutions," says McMillin. "Coca-Cola works closely with supermarket partners to execute the right deals, packages and merchandising, supported by bundle coupons to drive sales. And beyond the walls of the store, retailers can rely on the Company's robust marketing efforts to support Coca-Cola's relevance with meals."

To drive category incidence and growth for your operation through Coke with Meals, contact your Coca-Cola representative.

Published: July 18, 2012