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Tantalize Diners with Nine Tempting Beverage Recipes

Specialty drinks that are powerful, smooth, and refreshing

Seeking something exciting to shake up your menu and grab the attention of diners? Check out nine tantalizing specialty beverages in The Recipe Box, featuring the sensational tastes of several Minute Maid® products, POWERADE®, Mello Yello® and more. Find out more below or to explore over 500 recipes, visit The Recipe Box. To find the recipes on this page, activate the filters and select a "Brand", "Category" or a "Style."

Add Power to Your Beverage Menu
The bold flavor of POWERADE® Mountain Berry Blast® provides an appealing foundation for three very simple specialty beverage recipes. Each calls for mixing only two ingredients poured over ice and topped with a garnish.

1. Citrus Berry Blast combines Minute Maid® Orange Juice with POWERADE® Mountain Berry Blast®. Slide an orange wheel on the glass' rim and serve with breakfast or brunch dishes, as well as lighter protein salads and sandwiches.
2. Mint Mountain Berry Tea provides the enticing taste of Gold Peak® Sweet Tea mixed with POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast and topped with a fresh sprig of mint. This lovely refreshment works great at breakfast or brunch, yet pairs nicely with heavier protein salads and sandwiches, plus BBQ, burgers/steaks, fried foods, Mexican or Latin fare and salty snacks.
3. Power² works well with the same dishes as Mint Tea Blast, yet weighs in at only 80 calories when made as directed. To prepare this beverage, mix POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast with vitaminwater® power-c, pour over ice and add a sprinkling of fresh blueberries. Yum!

Smooth Operators Serve Recipes Featuring Mello Yello®
Mello Yello fans will enjoy recipes featuring the brand's smooth citrus taste. Check out these three signature drinks now available in The Recipe Box:

4. Combine equal parts of Mello Yello with POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast, use a lime wheel as a garnish and you have M.Y.B.This drink works nicely on its own or as an accompaniment to hearty fare. The berry-citrus combination has wide appeal among youth and adults, particularly men.
5. Rev Up is an attractive option for the same type of guests and matches well with similar menu selections, including burgers/steaks, fried foods, Mexican or Latin fare and salty snacks. Simply mix Mello Yello with vitaminwater revive and pop an orange wheel on the rim of the glass.
6. Citrus Kicker is prepared in a similar fashion, combining Minute Maid® Orange Juice with Mello Yello. A lime wheel creates visual allure, and the drink is a standout with a variety of customers, including multi-cultural patrons.

Refreshing Variety
Mix up your menu with these temptations:

7. Punch It is a refreshing mixture of Minute Maid Lemonade, POWERADE Fruit Punch and Fanta® Strawberry. Garnish the tasty combo with a plump strawberry. Consider positioning this as a signature item that pairs well with rich protein items.
8. Blue Tea Punch delivers a winning blend of Gold Peak® Green Tea and Minute Maid Blueberry Lemonade Concentrate. Perch a lemon wheel atop the glass. The tea, berry and citrus combination captures the interest of women and offers multi-cultural charm.

Sweet Sensations
Expanding your snack and dessert selection is an ideal way to boost revenue and check size. Including specialty beverages can help set your menu apart.

9. For the calorie counters in your crowd, Green Tea Yogurt Smoothie might be the perfect recipe. It satisfies a sweet craving, yet has only 130 calories when made as directed. Gold Peak Green Tea serves as the base for the beverage and is combined with Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt. Pour into a colorful glass and a fresh mint sprig completes the presentation. It's a pleasant addition to a light lunch or brunch — or present it as an alternative to an indulgent dessert menu.

Like these specialty beverage ideas? Explore hundreds more in The Recipe Box.

Published: October 23, 2013