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Gold Peak Expands RTD Coffees and Tea Lattes with New Flavors

Ready-to-drink line surges in popularity among consumers on the go

Gold Peak®, one of the fastest-growing national iced tea brands, will introduce new ready-to-drink (RTD) Tea Lattes and Coffees in early 2017, bringing more exciting beverage options to consumers. Look for the new tea profiles, Chai and Vanilla Chai, as well as the indulgent Salted Carmel and Almond Toffee coffees, to buoy the already impressive sales of Gold Peak beverages.

Tea Time or Coffee Break? 
Consumers covet RTD beverages because they deliver the taste of a restaurant or coffee shop drink. RTD coffees are growing by an astounding 93% since 2010.1 Gold Peak RTD coffees are cold brewed for 12+ hours creating a smooth tast - a key differentiator from the competition. Gold Peak coffees are made with 100% Arabica beans, real cream, and real sugar for a delicious taste in every sip.

The RTD tea latte story is just as exciting. After a successful trajectory in foodservice, RTD tea lattes are an emerging beverage category, driven by tea’s perceived wellness benefits and flavor options, such as chai. Gold Peak is one of the first brands to bring RTD tea lattes to the retail market and is poised to capture the attention of consumers who are looking for drinks that deliver new flavors, styles, and sensory experiences.

Convenient Packaging
At the core of RTD tea latte and coffee beverage consumption are millennials, who have found the answer to high-quality beverages that complement their busy lifestyle. With Gold Peak RTD coffees and tea lattes, consumers don’t have to spend time trying to make these drinks at home. In addition, Gold Peak uses PET packaging as opposed to glass bottles, enabling consumers to carry their drinks easily without worry about breakage. 

“Consumers want a beverage that can be consumed on-the go, whether they’re going to work, home, or to and from class,” explains Marcelle Lacy, senior brand manager, Gold Peak, The Coca-Cola Company. “RTD beverages are convenient, portable, resealable, and easy to take on-the-go throughout the entire day.”

Hot and Cold
What makes RTD coffee and tea lattes the anytime, anywhere refreshment? Flexibility and occasion are two of the reasons. RTD coffee and tea latte beverages are seen as either an energizer or a relaxing indulgence, depending on occasion and time of day.2 In a quest to wake up or get moving, millions of consumers start the day with coffee. But coffee consumption doesn’t end once the breakfast hour has passed. Today’s RTD coffee consumers enjoy their java drinks all day long, according to data from global market research firm, Mintel. In the afternoon, consumers may trade their mug for a RTD coffee beverage, a choice that satisfies their desire for a great-tasting treat.3 Tea drinkers also tend to consume tea in the morning for renewal, and in the evening as a relaxing treat.4

As a brand, Gold Peak’s growth was up by 23% as of July 2015.5 And since two-thirds of RTD coffee drinkers also consume RTD teas, the future for Gold Peak is bright.5

“Gold Peak is focused on expanding the consumer base through innovation, and RTD coffees and tea lattes give us the opportunity to reach the millennial consumer in a meaningful way.” Lacy says. 

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Published: March 20, 2017