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Heat Up Restaurant Profits with Frozen Beverages

Seven tips to get the most out of your frozen drink lineup

As outdoor temperatures rise, there’s increased opportunity to help consumers quench their thirst, refresh themselves and take a break with delicious slushies, shakes, iced coffees and cappuccinos, and other frozen concoctions. From long-standing favorites such as Coke® floats to specialty recipes such as Minute Maid® Lemonade CherryOrange Dream, and Coca-Cola® Berry Slush, frozen beverage options are as boundless as the possibilities that creative restaurant operators can dream up.

To get the most out of your frozen beverage lineup, try these tips:

  • Use smaller, lower-priced trial sizes to entice guests to try frozen beverages.
  • Market frozen drinks with eye-catching displays and point-of-sale (POS) materials in high-traffic areas.
  • Rotate your frozen beverage flavors and rotate them often — think limited-time-offers with special or seasonal appeal that keep patrons coming back to try something new.
  • Highlight attributes such as fresh fruit or juices, all-natural ingredients and low-calorie versions.
  • Suggest tasty pairings: Frozen carbonated and uncarbonated beverages work well with salty snacks (Coke® float and popcorn), while frozen and iced coffees go great with sweet snacks (coffee and bite-sized pastry).
  • Make frozen beverages convenient for customers who want a grab-n-go treat to drink in the car, sip while they walk or take home. No-spill lids, straws and sturdy to-go cups are essential.
  • Position frozen beverages as a treat or dessert, encouraging guests to supplement their meal order with one.

While lower-priced trial sizes may drive patrons to try frozen beverages, these cold concoctions also provide restaurants an opportunity to charge a premium price — especially when coupled with a special flavor, catchy name, distinct cup and/or straw, or unique movie/holiday promotion. When it comes to indulging themselves, consumers seek not only great taste, but also beverages that provide a memorable experience, are out of the ordinary or deliver stone-cold fun.

Featured recipes are available in The Recipe Box. Customizable POS is available on Coca-Cola Design Machine. For more information, please contact your Coca-Cola repres​​​​​​entative.

Published: February 19, 2014