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Gold Peak® Tea Presents Opportunities for Retailers and Restaurants

One of the faster-growing, ready-to-drink teas in the United States

Gold Peak Tea

Tall glasses of iced tea, condensation slowly rolling down the sides, conjure images of porch swings and picnics, backyard BBQs and birthday parties. Gold Peak® Tea, one of the faster-growing ready-to-drink iced tea brands in the United States, according to Nielsen (Full Year 2015 WE 1/2/16) is a refreshing choice for gatherings with family and friends. For both retailers and restaurants, Gold Peak Tea's home-brewed taste, distinct packaging and creative marketing add up to a sales-boosting opportunity.

"Gold Peak has one of the best conversion rates in the category, which means once a consumer tries it, they come back and buy it again," says Geoff Henry, group director, tea portfolio, Coca-Cola North America. Here are four reasons why.

A Growing Market
Over the past several years, ready-to-drink (RTD) tea has seen significant increase in popularity. In fact, the category is projected to grow four times faster than the nonalcoholic RTD beverage category as a whole, according to Euromonitor International. One of the primary drivers of this category is Gold Peak Tea, which has posted double-digit growth every year since debuting in the United States in 2006, according to Nielsen (2006-2015). In fact, Gold Peak drove nearly 30% of all dollar growth in the U.S. RTD tea category in 2015.

"Tea in general is really benefitting from the heath halo of a better-for-you lifestyle," says Terri Polk, director of brand development for Gold Peak. "Fresh-brewed Gold Peak Tea speaks to the consumer's need for transparency in knowing what they are eating or drinking."

A Target Audience
Gold Peak tea buyers are predominantly female (54%) ages 25 to 49 years old, whose households include more than three members, including children under 18, according to 2015 research by B-Cubed Bev 360, Nielson and MRI. These buyers prioritize family, friends and the creation of home, according to TCCC Consumer Beverage Landscape 2015. In fact, according to 2013 MRI/GFK Doublebase research and a 2013 Simmons NHCS Adult Full-Year Unified Study, 69% entertain family and friends at home. They also enjoy barbecues (25%) and cook for fun (21%). And Coca-Cola Company research found that RTD consumers enjoy drinking tea with conveniently prepared family meals.

At Home or Eating Out
In 2014, Gold Peak launched its first national campaign featuring TV, outdoor, print, digital and social media advertising created specifically to connect with consumers during a break in the busy-ness of life to enjoy refreshing moments that are reminiscent of home and family. This message highlights the fact that Gold Peak tea can be enjoyed at home or while eating out.

"Iced tea is a refreshment trend restaurants should definitely be taking advantage of," Polk says. Instead of leading with water, Polk suggests servers ask if guests would like a glass of tea. Servers can also suggestive-sell tea flavors to complement dishes like salads, fish, and chicken, or offer specialty beverages made with Gold Peak products, such as Kiwi Tea and Boardwalk Iced Tea.

A Variety of Choices Retail shoppers can choose from several varieties in a range of packages, including a multiserve 59-oz. carafe bottle in the refrigerated section and several sizes in the ready-to-drink iced tea aisle. Currently there are seven core flavors. New flavors for 2016 include:

  • Peach
  • Summertime Lime (limited edition)
  • Harvest Pear (limited edition

Additionally, in foodservice, Gold Peak has six fresh brewed tea varieties as well as nine dispensed tea varieties available on the Variety Tea Tower.

Contact your local Coca-Cola representative to learn about how you can make tea time a gold mine.

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Published: July 31, 2016