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7 Drink Recipes Under 100 Calories

What these beverages lack in calories they make up for in flavor

Are your diners watching their waistlines? Then consider offering specialty beverages that suit their desires, taste great and put more punch into your bottom line. Our Recipe Box features dozens of recipes under 100 calories when prepared as directed.

Want to know the secrets behind creating many of these tempting treats?

  • Use low- or no-calorie soft drinks, such as Diet Coke®, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero or Fresca®, as a foundation.
  • Sugar-free syrups can add a powerful flavor punch.
  • Add sparkle without calories with mixers such as Seagram's® Club Soda or Seltzer.
  • Consider ingredients such as tea, coconut water and coffee. Our options featured in numerous recipes include Gold Peak® and FUZE® teas, ZICO® Premium Coconut Water and Gold Peak Coffee.
  • Crushed ice or drinks blended with ice produce satisfying volume.
  • Fruit juices are tempting choices, but check the caloric value of recipes. To add fresh appeal, consider a small splash or use brightly colored fruit as a garnish.

Simply Delicious (4 calories*)
Diet Coke Raspberry Spritzer is an easily prepared taste sensation featuring a blend of Diet Coke, Seagram's Club Soda and sugar-free raspberry syrup. The refreshing drink appeals to women and pairs well with Italian and Mediterranean fare.

Tropical Delight (98 calories*)
Fresh Passion gets an exotic garnish in the rarely seen star fruit. Combining Fresca, Coke Zero and passion fruit juice, the mouthwatering mocktail goes especially well with the spicy flavors of Asian and Latin menus.

Winter Warmth (30 calories*)
Cinnamon Mocha Spiced Coffee adds a new spin to coffee. A nice pick-me-up during frigid weather, this beverage is easy to prepare if the spice blend of sugar, dry cocoa and cinnamon is made ahead in batches. It's perfect for breakfast, as an accompaniment to dessert and as a late-night treat.

Amazing Mocktail (20 calories*)
Mandarin Crush is an astonishing concoction bursting with flavor. The appealing taste is so versatile it can appear at breakfast or brunch, is perfect for ladies who lunch, and is a great option as a nonalcoholic selection in bar environments. This recipe features ZICO Premium Coconut Water, sugar-free triple sec syrup, Minute Maid® Orange Juice andSprite Zero with muddled Mandarin orange segments and mint.

Sparkling Surprise (87 calories*)
Minute Maid Light Lemonade Ginger Fizz offers a complex combination of flavors yet is easy to prepare. Simply mix three ingredients, pour over ice and top with a lime wedge. The recipe calls for Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Seagram's Club Soda and ginger syrup.

Deep Freeze (30 calories*)
Frozen Raspberry Coconut Limeade delivers a refreshing combination of ingredients that stands on its own as a snack or serves as a nice complement to burgers, richer protein salads and sandwiches, plus Mexican and Latin foods. Ingredients include ZICO Premium Coconut Water, sugar-free raspberry syrup, Sprite Zero, fresh-squeezed lime juice and raspberries. Blended with ice, this satisfying treat appeals to adults and kids alike.

Another Take on Tea (85 calories*)
Honey Mango Iced Tea is a thirst-quenching treat of Gold Peak Black Tea, honey sweetener, and mango syrup over ice. The light flavor profile goes well with lighter fare, such as salads and seafood, and it makes an excellent summer offering.

*When prepared as directed

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Published: December 22, 2015