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Sparkling Water Growth Bubbles to the Surface

Big opportunities for foodservice to tap into trend

Dasani Sparkling Water available in fountain dispensers

Sparkling water is one of the hottest beverages in America.¹ Restaurants can have the opportunity to tap into the rising trend of consumers who want the invigorating taste of water with bubbles.

Water is the third largest beverage category, delivering 31% of the total dollar growth out of the measured channels.¹ The sparkling water segment is considered to be a big contributor to the overall growth of water.¹ With water products on the uptick, the demand for sparkling water means an appreciation for the key ingredients: carbonated water and natural flavors.

Water is the 3rd largest beverage category and delivering 31% of total dollar growth

Steady Growth
As the market for sparkling water has expanded rapidly, all channels (grocery, convenience, drug, value, etc.) and regions of the U.S. have experienced solid growth in sales.² Overall, more consumers are making trips for sparkling water, with 12.9% of all shoppers stopping to pick up sparking water products.³ 

Consumer Preference
Foodservice operators can leverage the broad appeal of brands like DASANI® and smartwater® sparkling to deliver consumers’ preferred brands in sparkling water. Households are snapping up sparkling water and are discovering the allure of DASANI® Sparkling, with 86.7% of consumers citing brand awareness.⁴ In fact, 10.1% of consumers prefer DASANI Sparkling as a brand “for someone like me” and 22.9% of consumers say DASANI water is “a brand I love.”⁴   

DASANI Sparkling BIB
With the sparkling water category poised for even more growth, foodservice operators can take advantage of this trend with brands like DASANI Sparkling. Restaurants and foodservice providers can order DASANI Sparkling BIB (bag-in-box), with flavors such as Lime, Berry, Black Cherry, and Tropical Pineapple. The 2.5 gallon BIB for DASANI Sparkling is recommended for restaurants to consider for legacy equipment.

To learn more about serving sparkling water in your outlet, contact your local Coca-Cola representative today.

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Published: March 06, 2017