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DASANI® Sparkling Gets an Update

New flavors and sizes for the popular sparkling water

Dasani Sparkling updates packaging and flavors

With fizzy fanfare, DASANI® Sparkling Water launched to the public in 2014, capturing consumers with four bubbly flavors available in 12-pack aluminum cans. Over the next year, the popularity of this unsweetened, zero-calorie, naturally flavored drink grew, helping make water the third-largest beverage category in 2015, according to Nielsen Scanning. Now, building on its two-year success, the DASANI Sparkling lineup gets two additional flavors and three more product sizes.

  • New 8-pack sleek cans (conversion from the 12-pack regular cans), which are available everywhere. Two new flavors, Raspberry Lemonade and Tropical Pineapple, join Lime, Berry, Lemon and Black Cherry. The cans have new graphics, too.
  • Lime and Berry flavors are now available in 20-oz. single-serve bottles.
  • Lime and Berry flavors are now available in 6-pack half-liters in the Northeast.
  • Lime, Berry, Black Cherry and Tropical Pineapple are now available for fountain dispensers.

The popularity of DASANI Sparkling is easy to understand. Consumers love that they have an unsweetened, lightly flavored, bubbly alternative.

"The sparkling water category is continuing to grow at a significant rate," says Jessica Frankel, brand manager of DASANI Sparkling. "Consumers are turning to it to meet their daily water goals, and sparkling water adds a little bit of excitement with the bubbles and flavor."

As consumers look for alternatives to soda, the demand for unsweetened sparkling drinks is expected to continue its upward trajectory. Add fruity, refreshing DASANI Sparkling to your beverage lineup, and watch it bubble past the competition.

To learn more about DASANI Sparkling packages and flavors, contact Jessica Frankel at

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Published: July 01, 2016