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Did you know that 81% of customers rely on a menu board when ordering? 1 Great opportunities exist to influence purchasing decisions with beverage brand imagery, and the data for doing so makes a compelling case. Research reveals that there’s a 19% increase in volume per outlet (VPO) for Coca-Cola messaging on menu boards compared with those that have no branding, and there’s a 27% increase in VPO with entrance messaging — compared to those outlets without any.²

This data shows the importance of brand imagery and messaging on signage.
The Coca-Cola Company has launched a new suite of solutions and expanded services for operators in 2017. 

81% of customers rely on a menu board
when ordering

More Menu Board Options
Foodservice operators now have 30 options for menu boards, umbrellas, and outlet signage. New menu bundling templates are also available in four distinct themes designed to complement the ambiance and décor of the outlet: contemporary, natural/rustic, industrial, and neutral.

In addition, operators can also choose from 1,000 different food images for a customized approach. Want to market Gold Peak® Tea with a sandwich? A 16-oz bottle of Coca-Cola® with a sub? Or how about smartwater® with a veggie pizza? These imagery options and hundreds more are possible.

Expanded Services
The Coca-Cola Company has also partnered with digital vendors to offer expanded services such as blended digital boards, outlet support, and insights and analytics. Finally, to help foodservice operators optimize the look and layout of their menus, The Coca-Cola Company has partnered with a business that specializes in the design of best-in-class menus.

The new solutions are available for download via Design Machine, which is accessible with your log in. Ask your Coca-Cola representative if you need assistance with more information on the expanded service offerings.

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Published: March 22, 2017