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Coca-Cola Freestyle® SmartPAK™ Cartridges Reduce Waste

Customers value sustainability as much as Coca-Cola does

Coca-Cola Freestyle SmartPAK ingredient cartridges reduce waste

Coca-Cola customers and consumers often say they value sustainability improvement, especially when it cuts waste. That's why Coca-Cola Freestyle® beverage dispensers now feature all-new SmartPAK™ ingredient cartridges for most Coca-Cola Freestyle brands and flavor cartridges.

The original polypropylene plastic cartridges are recyclable when using a specialty recycler, but the new SmartPAK product cartridges are even easier to recycle. Operators simply remove the empty inner pouch and recycle the outer paperboard shell in-outlet after use, since paperboard is more widely accepted at recycling centers than polypropylene.

SmartPAK one-time-use cartridges slide into reusable plastic trays (shipped separately) before being inserted into the dispenser. Bold package graphics identify the product inside.

Coca-Cola is transitioning to SmartPAK at a measured pace in order to provide operators plenty of time to adapt to the enhanced cartridges and reusable trays. To keep things simple, there is no change to the ordering process, the cost, product integrity or procedures for proper handling and disposal.

Environmentally Beneficial
New SmartPAK cartridges give retailers the ability to send less waste to landfills as more of the outer shells are recycled. Additionally, the carbon footprint will be reduced at Coca-Cola manufacturing plants on a per cartridge basis. Paperboard cartridge shells contain 15% to 30% recycled content, and the paperboard cartridge and shipping material are certified as responsibly sourced by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

"Our cartridge technology and dispenser engineering keeps getting better and better, guided by principles in our Vision 2020 to reduce waste throughout the supply chain," notes Joel Bishop, general manager, Coca-Cola Freestyle, North America. "We already manufacture cartridges in our gold-LEED certified facility that features renewable power and water conservation technology. Now this initiative offers customers tangible ways to reduce product waste and make the process even more efficient," Bishop says.

To see crew-training materials on how to properly install cartridges, go to For questions, please call 1-800-241-2653, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Published: November 02, 2015