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Coca-Cola Freestyle® Gets a New Look

Graphics feature endless possibilities and choices

Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers get new graphics update

Coca-Cola Freestyle® has a brand new look. Beginning in August 2016, modern graphics are featured in beautiful new merchandising that emphasizes some of the strongest benefits the dispenser offers. Because “variety” and “personalization” are among the top drivers of Coca-Cola Freestyle  purchases,¹ the new graphics focus on consumer empowerment through endless possibilities and choices, including many of the beverage categories previously not available on fountain dispensers.

These graphics are part of a broad campaign to refresh the Coca-Cola Freestyle brand. New merchandising encourages consumers to “enjoy a favorite” or “discover something new,” which satisfies what both major camps of consumers want from a beverage experience. By creating a vibe for Coca-Cola Freestyle that is current, fun, and cool, the refreshed look highlights our proprietary brands in a delicious, new way — brought to you through a fun and innovative dispensing platform. Artwork in the new graphics uses a proprietary “Coca-Cola Freestyle heritage” glass only associated with our brands. Even the logo is updated, with heavier weight placed on the word “Freestyle.”

Use Merchandising to Boost Sales
Simply installing a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser, with its wide range of beverage choice, can help boost beverage sales. However, consistent with time-honored retail practices, beverage servings, transactions, and incidence growth are all much stronger within stores that place point of sale items such as door decals, table tents, and window clings, to tell consumers about their new options.²

To order point of sale items for your Coca-Cola Freestyle location, contact your sales representative, or call 800-241-COKE (2653).

¹Source: Coca-Cola Freestyle A&U Research, Aug. 2015; Question base = Past Month CCFS Users

²Source: 2016 Coca-Cola Freestyle Customer Tracker

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Published: September 16, 2016