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Sweet Treats: Six Comforting Dessert Beverages to Try

Create new, drinkable spins on sweet, comfort-food favorites

Whatever type of food you offer, there is always room on the menu for a sweet indulgence. It’s a great way to top off a wonderful meal, a convivial opportunity to add sparkle to a celebration or a well-earned reward. Dessert beverages offer a simple way to expand your selections without taxing busy crew or kitchen staff because most require minimal preparation. For fast food outlets, dessert in a glass is an ideal, road-ready option for on-the-go customers.

To take advantage of the comfort food trend, Sandy Ryan, food scientist and product developer for The Coca-Cola Company, recommends leaning toward flavors that have broad, traditional appeal. Create new spins on old favorites — apple pie, banana pudding, brownies and s’mores. And don’t forget the chocolate. We’ve got numerous drink recipes featuring all these flavors, and many more.

Ready to get started? Here are six treats to try:

1. Banana Cream Pie Smoothie
For those who love banana-flavored desserts, it may not get any better than this. It starts with a combination of Minute Maid® Smoothies Banana and Minute Maid® Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt, blended with banana syrup, white chocolate syrup and ice, processed until smooth. After pouring this luscious treat into a glass, the garnish might tempt delighted guests to swing from the nearest tree: whipped cream, crumbled graham cracker crumbs and a banana slice. Toss in a mint sprig for color.
2. All American Apple Pie
This surprising combination of ingredients delivers a new approach to a classic American dessert. It combines Diet Coke®, applesauce and a cup of ice, blended until smooth and garnished with cinnamon. For calorie-conscious diners there’s another way to maximize the appeal of this treat. Prepared as directed with sweetened applesauce, it has 117 calories; substitute unsweetened applesauce and the count drops to 72 calories. For some guests, that will be sweet news.
3. Coca-Cola® Peppermint Brownie Shake
This specialty beverage delivers an unbeatable “wow” factor by combining a trio of favorite flavors: Coca-Cola®, peppermint and brownies. The magic starts when you blend Coca-Cola®, chocolate milk, peppermint syrup, chocolate brownie and ice. The whipped cream topping sprinkled with crushed mint candy produces an effective presentation. Serve with a straw AND a spoon. Your guests will savor this pleasure to the very last drop.
4. Chocolate Bar Smoothie
For many consumers, nothing says comfort quite like chocolate. And this recipe is chock full of the sumptuous stuff. Because it requires a little bit of time to create the most effective presentation, Chocolate Bar Smoothie is best suited for establishments with a bartender, mixologist or kitchen staff focused on beverage AND food preparation. It contains Minute Maid® Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt, Swiss chocolate syrup, chocolate syrup and ice processed in a blender until smooth. Then chocolate chips are added to the mix and flash blended. Before pouring, you decorate the vessel by slowly drizzling chocolate syrup into a chilled glass starting at the bottom and moving upward in a spiral. Gently pour in the dessert beverage and add the finishing touches: whipped cream and chocolate chips, curls, powder or candy.
5. Campfire S’mores
Campfire memories of homemade s’mores pale in comparison to this substantial concoction that blends Minute Maid® Smoothies Vanilla Non‑Fat Yogurt, dark chocolate sauce, ice and our secret ingredient: toasted marshmallow syrup. Once poured in a glass, don with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, more dark chocolate sauce and the one remaining item that transforms this delight into an unforgettable new standard: a crumbled graham cracker.
6. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
A staple of the childhood lunchbox delivers comfort in dessert form. The creamy pleasure of peanut butter is a flavor that stands the test of time. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie appeals to the kid in all of your guests. Blend a combination of Minute Maid® Smoothies Banana with Minute Maid® Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt, plus peanut butter syrup and ice. And that’s only the beginning. Top the mixture with whipped cream, a banana slice and peanut butter chips or cookie crumbs. This is one recipe that drives diners nuts!

You’ll find a tremendous number of selections in The Recipe Box.

Published: November 25, 2012