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Sprite® Cranberry Bursts Onto the Scene Again

Holiday celebrations bring more shopping trips

It’s no secret that the holidays present a can’t-miss opportunity for retailers to increase sales, and Sprite® Cranberry is uniquely positioned to help. Building on the success of Sprite Cranberry in recent years, The Coca-Cola Company has rolled out a 2016 program that casts the sparkling beverage in a larger role to keep it top of mind for consumers during the busy holiday season. 

“The return of Sprite Cranberry every year is exciting,” says Erica Tuggle, Coca-Cola brand manager, Sprite. “This year we are introducing a more robust retail program by bringing the whole portfolio along for the ride.” Lemon-lime Sprite will be available in transaction packs, including mini cans, and will be joined by Sprite Cranberry.

Perfect Beverage for Holiday Entertaining
With more than nine in 10 consumers celebrating the holidays, 60% of people spend time with friends and family.¹ “Sprite performs very well during the holidays,” Tuggle says. “It’s a natural complement to social occasions, when people come together to create unique moments with friends and family.” These gatherings add up to a more than 20% increase in shopping trips during November and December.¹ 

Why Sprite Cranberry
Featuring 100% natural flavors and zero caffeine, the target consumer for Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero includes young adults and moms. Not only is cranberry a highly relevant flavor for the holidays, it also complements the Holiday Sprite Green Bottle Program for multi-generational celebrations.

The Retail Opportunity
Both dollar volume and velocity (how quickly a product moves off the shelf) of Sprite 20-ounce increased more than 10% compared to the previous year. Sprite Cranberry 12 pack 12-ounce cans velocity was up more than 3%.² 

“Sprite continues to grow strongly this year, and we expect that to only improve into the holiday season,” Tuggle says. 

The Sprite Cranberry Holiday Program, which launched September 26, is a unique opportunity for retailers. “By offering Sprite Cranberry, retailers can not only increase basket size, but also show shoppers that they understand what consumers are looking for,” Tuggle says. “Sprite Cranberry is a unique flavor for the holiday that is sure to be a crowd pleaser as consumers entertain this season.” For more information on how to leverage this sparkling holiday sales opportunity, contact your Coca-Cola representative today.

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² Total Nielsen Convenience Retail QTD through December 5, 2015

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Published: October 13, 2016