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Mix Up Your Menu with 97 Minute Maid® Smoothies Recipes

Find tons of smooth beverage ideas in the Coca-Cola Recipe Box

Want a smooth way to entice guests to order a treat while adding a refreshing boost to your bottom line? We can give you 97! Scores of smoothie selections are now available in The Recipe Box. With multiple options for snacks, breakfast and dessert, as well as many encompassing a rainbow of flavors, take advantage of this exciting foodservice trend.

Breakfast Smoothies Rise and Shine

  • Start the day with a Peach Melba Smoothie featuring Minute Maid® Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt, blended with peach and raspberry syrups and plenty of ice. Top with cinnamon and a peach wedge for an extra wow factor. This tasty treat is often favored by females.
  • Shake up your menu with a Chai Spiced Milk Shake, combining Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt with chai tea concentrate and ice. The garnish takes this beverage to a new dimension, topped with whipped cream, a cinnamon stick, a sprinkle of nutmeg and pieces of star anise.
  • Spiced Cranberry Orange Smoothie is a culinary standout. The secret ingredient, ginger syrup, is combined with Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt, Minute Maid® Orange Juice, whole berry cranberry sauce and ice. Finish with a bright orange curl perched on the rim.
  • Seeking a recipe for guests desiring more traditional fare? Banana Honey Pick-Me-Up fits the bill. Combine vanilla soy milk, honey sweetener and a whole banana with ice and the same non-fat yogurt base as these other recipes. Accent with a refreshing sprig of mint.

Snack Time

  • There's a kid in every crowd and the PB&J Smoothie has ageless appeal. This tasty treat gets its flavor from a mixture of blueberry and peanut butter syrup blended into Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt and ice. The topping? Nice, ripe blueberries.
  • Frozen Blackberry Viennese Latte brings a touch of elegance to the table. Proper preparation leads to a stunning presentation. Prepare a 16-oz. glass by swirling dark chocolate sauce inside, then pour in a blend of blackberry syrup, espresso Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt and ice. A simple garnish is all that's needed with a single fresh blackberry residing atop.

Decadent Desserts

  • Nothing finishes a meal like a Raspberry Dream. And this one is simple to whip up. Add raspberry and vanilla syrups to Minute MaidSmoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt and ice. Complete with whipped cream and assorted berries, and get ready for the compliments.
  • Want a new favorite specialty beverage to climb into diners' hearts? Check out Chocolate Monkey. This recipe unites Minute MaidSmoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt, as well as Minute Maid® Smoothies Banana, dark chocolate sauce and ice. Whipped cream, more of that delightful chocolate sauce and one of those irresistible maraschino cherries seal the deal.
  • Coffee, chocolate and mint. It's a scrumptious combination you can serve once you know the recipe for Winter Mint Mocha Express. Our version features peppermint syrup, brewed espresso concentrate and white chocolate sauce blended with Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt and ice. Make it even more enticing with crumbles of peppermint stick candy and white chocolate shavings over whipped cream.
  • No need to escape to the Crescent City to find this decadent dessert. Nawlins Praline is quite the crowd pleaser with its mixture of praline syrup, brewed espresso concentrate and caramel sauce. Blend with Minute Maid Smoothies Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt and ice; garnish with whipped cream, more caramel sauce and chopped pecans — or consider adding chopped pralines to get guests clamoring for more.

Fruit-Flavor Rainbow
The Recipe Box offers a virtual rainbow of options, featuring everyone's favorite and exotic fruit flavors. Choose from the following selections — and more!

Find complete instructions to make all 97 smoothie recipes and hundreds of additional specialty beverages by visiting The Recipe Box. Seeking a specific flavor profile or want to design a drink for a certain type of guest? Use the filters to refine your search. ​​​​

Published: February 19, 2014