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Coolers Influence Instant Beverage Buys

Easy to merchandise solutions drive impulse purchases

Coolers influence beverage buys

It could be one of the easiest and best ways for convenience retailers to capture additional beverage sales and increase profits. The 
Coca-Cola Company offers front-end merchandising solutions ideally suited for c-stores to help trigger spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Designed for placement in the important “impulse zone” — the area surrounding the checkout register — these cooler options cast a small footprint and are simple to operate, easy to merchandise and user-friendly.

“While many convenience retailers successfully use front-end merchandisers to drive sales, opportunities exist for additional placements and additional outlets,” says Doug Middlebrooks, assistant vice president, shopper marketing, National Retail Sales-Convenience Retail, Coca-Cola Refreshments.

Three innovations to consider:

Recharge Barrel Cooler — After charging the unit overnight, keeps beverages cold for 12 hours or more. This cooler is perfect for impulse zone locations without easy access to electric outlets or ice.

Front-End Merchandiser — The most commonly used cooler, it’s simple to operate, provides permanent cold beverage availability and is clearly recognized by consumers. Need we say more?

On the Road Again (OTRA) Cooler — Designed to present Coca-Cola products and popular snacks within arm’s reach of one another, this cooler-plus-shelving unit provides an efficient option for displaying multiple products in outlets with limited space. Additional OTRA benefits include:

  • Shelves can be added to an existing unit
  • Co-merchandised beverages and snacks could encourage a larger basket size
  • Promotes the afternoon and PM snack occasions

Adds Middlebrooks, “Beverages are among the most profitable categories in convenience stores (NACS State of the Industry Report, 2012), and these front-end merchandisers offer tremendous potential to secure more impulse buys and larger sales.”

Seize the opportunity to capture beverage sales opportunities by having the right equipment with the right products in place. To learn more about front-end merchandisers, read CokeSolutions articles: Grocers Can Maximize Sales with Front-End Solutions.

You also can talk with your Coca-Cola representative to see which option might best fit your needs, and check out front-end merchandisers in Coke Catalog.

Published: September 17, 2013