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Full Line Operator Is the Ultimate Resource for Full Line Operators

Portal provides direct access to important ideas and information

As the Internet continues to grow as an absolute necessity for business and professional development, The Coca-Cola Company has dedicated an entire website to the needs of full line operators. is a new vending-specific portal from CokeSolutions providing direct access to the ideas and information full line operators need most. Presented in a sleek, easy-to-use format, the new site is a must-visit for all operators.

"We invested heavily in our new full line operator portal to give industry-leading tools and insights for operators to grow their business," says Derek Myers, group director of on-premise strategy and development for Coca-Cola North America.

Resources for Success
The portal includes tools for maximizing your micro market investment and making your vending business more profitable. Micro market operators have access to proprietary research; advice on ideal locations, pricing and theft prevention; profit analysis features; and point-of-sale creation resources.

"Micro markets are growing significantly and require operators to advance into true retailers to be successful," Myers says. "Our portal provides proven guidance from insights, segmented brand priorities, an easy-to-use food bundling tool and a broadcast-quality commercial to help operators drive scale."

Visitors also learn how The Coca-Cola Company helps provide results through its vending solutions, with information on products, priority brands, and diverse packaging.

Tools You Can Use
While the site offers a plethora of high-level thinking, it also drills down to specifics to help operators succeed on a day-to-day basis. For vendors, that means easy-to-use graphics that lay out specifically the brand order, the pricing, and the correct graphics and SKUs for a machine, while also highlighting visually the priority brands and products for each separate vending environment.

For micro market operators, the site includes layouts for coolers and a helpful bundling calculator. Plug in your equipment selections, your drink-food bundles (broken down for breakfast, lunch or snack), pricing, discounts and sales numbers, and the tool generates a profit calculation that makes it easier to set monthly goals.

The most useful tool, however, may be individual breakdowns and reports on every product available, highlighting sales potential, target markets and demographics. Take, for example, the report for "import beverages." Operators will get suggestions like selling Coke de Mexico to consumers looking for a more authentic experience at premium prices and better profits.

These sorts of insights are invaluable, whether for vending or micro markets — and they are now at your fingertips.

To access the full line operator portal, go to the Full Line Operator page How to Register section to gain access. Enter your email address when prompted. You will receive an email from Coca-Cola Service Now with a registration link. Complete the registration form and submit it. You will be notified within 48 hours of the status of your request. For assistance, contact the CBS Service Desk at 888-227-2653, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m. EST, or email

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Published: August 10, 2015