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Tips for Mobile Ordering to Enhance the Guest Experience

Informative webinar reveals ways to boost sales with mobile ordering

Monthly Marketing Insight Series Webinars - Mobile Ordering

What is mobile ordering and who uses it? How can foodservice operators leverage mobile technology to drive sales? Find the answers to these questions and more in the webinar presented by CokeSolutions, “The Guest Experience Edge: Mobile Ordering Experience 1.0.”

Research conducted by Shopper Marketing and Strategy and Innovation teams at The Coca-Cola Company has revealed that 74% of consumers in North America have a smartphone, with the number of smartphone users expected to reach 78% in 2017.1 With the proliferation of smart devices, ordering food items online is poised to evolve from being a marketing tactic to a purchasing channel.

CREST research from NPD Group in Chicago indicates that 83% of consumers who order online, and 57% who order via mobile app, are eating at home; while 10% and 13% respectively are ordering at work.² What do these statistics indicate? The consumer on-demand economy, which dictates that consumers can get what they want when they want it, has gained momentum, and with it, so are consumer expectations. From ordering pizzas online to making retail purchases on a smartphone, to paying for goods with a virtual wallet, technology advancements are fueling consumer behaviors. As such, foodservice is challenged to keep pace with innovation in technology in order to stay relevant.

Growth of Mobile Ordering

By 2020, NPD Group/CREST research forecasts that 9% of QRS sales will come through digital channels.² RetailNet Group projects that 16% of retail food sales will be purchased in this manner.³ The growth of mobile ordering and mobile technology will drive new opportunities.

Why Mobile Matters                                                                                                                              
Mobile and digital technologies enable foodservice operations to boost the guest experience by providing a quick, convenient way to find a location, receive promotions, check out the menu, learn about new beverage items, and purchase additional items.

To make the most of mobile technology and enhance the guest experience, here are seven key principles to follow:

  1. Show the Experience. Create simple, welcoming, and enticing visual appeal.
  2. Think Linear. Make the ordering process easy to navigate and intuitive in design.
  3. Provide Plenty of Options. Make sure that all of the beverages listed online are the same they will find in house. Avoid online limited offers since this can cause confusion or dissuade your customers from making a purchase.
  4. Integrate Relevant Upselling. Provide customized offers and extras.
  5. Reward Customers. Reward customers regularly and personally (such as a free item for repeat purchases or on a birthday).
  6. Promote Relevantly. Coupons and rewards can increase sales when integrated into the ordering process at the right time.
  7. Be Flexible. Allow customers to add last-minute items or change their minds by providing the right navigation and functionality.

CREST research from NPD Group found that 43% of total mobile app traffic occurs at dinner, and this insight provides a starting place to work from.² Leveraging mobile technology isn’t an “if” for foodservice… it’s a “when.” Customers want it, demand it, and use it. Leverage the power of mobile technology to connect with consumers—and increase sales.

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Published: November 01, 2016