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Easy-to-use tool helps comply with FDA-mandated menu labeling

Consumers increasingly want more and more information about the foods and drinks they consume — and the Food and Drug Administration believes that information is power. To that end, Congress passed a law requiring calorie labeling on menus, which goes into effect May 5, 2017.

That law was finalized in late 2014, but moving toward compliance is a process. After industry groups and members of Congress urged the FDA to issue guidance to help companies understand how to comply with the regulations, the agency extended the original deadline to May 5, 2017. To help our business partners prepare for the changes in regulations, The Coca-Cola Company has developed an interactive nutrition calculator for all Coca-Cola foodservice products.

In a Nutshell
Chain restaurant operators must list calorie information on all menus and at self-serve food and beverage stations. Additionally, the guidelines mandate that additional information — including calories and details on 10 nutrients — be available to customers upon request.

The rules affect restaurants and similar retail food establishments if they are part of a group of 20 or more locations, doing business under the same name, and offering substantially the same menu items. In addition, restaurants not covered may choose to opt into the FDA regulations in order to pre-empt future local regulations.

Affected establishments:

  • Sit-down and fast-food restaurants
  • Drive-through windows
  • Food take-out and delivery businesses
  • Grocery stores, superstores, convenience stores or delicatessens that serve foods and beverages intended for immediate consumption or to be consumed shortly after purchase
  • Cafeterias and other food facilities in universities and colleges
  • Bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream shops, confectionaries, etc.
  • Food facilities in entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, bowling alleys and amusement parks

Not covered:

  • Vehicles such as food trucks, airplanes and trains
  • Elementary schools, middle schools and high schools that are part of U.S. Department of Agriculture school feeding programs

Tools for You
Now available on is our easy-to-use nutrition calculator for all Coca-Cola foodservice products. The tool allows users to calculate nutrition information by brand, cup size and, where allowed by the regulation, ice fill. Users can then either print out the resulting nutrition report or export the raw data to use in their businesses. The tool also offers downloadable templates for self-serve placards.

"We want to earn our position as our customer's most valued partner, and we hope that by developing this and other tools, we can help our customers prepare for this new regulation," says Erica Connelly, director of customer marketing strategy at The Coca-Cola Company.

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Published: February 26, 2016