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Minute Maid Light™ Peach with Tea

Minute Maid is the No. 1 fruit and vegetable juice brand in the world in terms of combined retail volume sales in 20111. Minute Maid Light™ offers the great-tasting juice flavor people expect from Minute Maid, but with fewer calories.


Product Category Juice & Juice Drinks , Low & No Calorie
Brand Positioning

At least 85% fewer calories than regular fruit drinks. Made with real lemons, Minute Maid Light's  reduced calories appeal to your health-conscious side, while the sunny and refreshing flavor gives your taste buds something to smile about. “Put Good In. Get Good Out.®”

Target Audiences Millennials , Females
Features and Benefits


Minute Maid offers the broadest portfolio of brands and products in the foodservice industry and has a strong reputation among consumers as a brand that is trustworthy and is associated with quality and health.

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