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Why Clean Ice Makers Matter

Proper care of the ice machine ensures quality beverages

Behind every great-tasting, ice-filled Coca-Cola beverage is one important piece of equipment that deserves special attention: the ice maker. Routine cleaning and sanitation are essential to ensure you serve the best quality drinks.

Most ice maker manufacturers recommend cleaning every 6 to 12 months. But the scope of work extends beyond the machine. Scoops, buckets and tubs used to transfer ice, as well as water lines, drain lines and filtration systems also must be addressed.

The topic of ice quality has received more attention in recent years, and health inspectors are more attuned to related issues. Among the concerns: cooling fans can pull unwanted matter into the system, and substances like yeast or mold can alter the taste of beverages. Another challenge: some places have ice makers mounted on top of fountain dispensers, making it difficult to access and clean units.

Unless protocols are in place, cleaning ice-making equipment can be easy to overlook in a busy operation. Doing a thorough job can be complicated if the person performing the task is not properly trained.

It’s important to follow recommendations made by the company that manufactured your equipment because water and ice comprise about a large percentage of a dispensed drink. If the ice is substandard, it will impact the quality of the finished product.

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Published: March 14, 2014