Coca-Cola is dedicated to meeting your vending needs, whether you want the convenience of a full-service vender or the control of a self-fill model.

Simple to order and easy to stock, our state-of-the-art self-fill vending machines can help you ensure you always have ice-cold Coca-Cola products on hand for your thirsty employees and customers. Best of all, how you stock it is up to you – order cases directly from us or purchase your favorite Coca-Cola products at your local grocery store or price club.

Get started by ordering your self-fill machine today. We’ll deliver it, set it up and train you on stocking the machine yourself. We’ll even show you how to collect cash right on the spot! 


Cola-Cola Vending is part of The Coca-Cola Company. We have fantastic people, equipment and products, including the world's number 1 beverage brand, Coca-Cola. We are dedicated to keeping your equipment clean, filled and working. Our equipment features the latest technology and is energy efficient.

There is an annual fee which is dependent upon the expected volume of the machine and the type of machine. A representative can provide you with more information.

We are able to get you a vending machine within within 2 weeks typically.

There is a basic equipment placement and lease agreement.

We can arrange for a mix of snack and beverage machines and products that will meet all of your vending needs.

Every account is different; your local Coca-Cola representative will work with you to determine which machine(s) will best meet your needs. 

We have two types of vending machines: stack and glass-front. A number of variables will determine the right machine, including indoor/outdoor, volume, and desired product mix. If the machine will be outdoors, it will have to be a stack vender. Your Coca-Cola account representative will work with you to determine the best solution.

You can get cases of Coca-Cola product delivered to you or you can purchase Coca-Cola products from your grocery store or price club. You will be responsible for filling the machine. 

You set the price of the product. You can offer a discounted price to your employees and customers if you wish.

Complete the online form, and an account manager will contact you within three business days.

We have a full line of Coca-Cola products and also offer Dr Pepper brands in some areas of the country. 

It depends on your sales volume, but most people refill their machine on a weekly schedule.

Coca-Cola vending machines come standard with a dollar bill validator and coin changer. Working with your local Coca-Cola representative, opportunities do exist to accept $5 or $10 bills as well as credit cards.

All our venders are capable of having a credit card reader installed. You may obtain a reader from a third-party provider

Our machines meet the highest standards for energy efficiency. Most of our machines are Energy Star certified. On average, they consume less than 7–8 kWh per day. The use of timers can reduce electrical expense. And when appropriate, energy management devices can be installed to further reduce electrical expense. Costs per kWh vary across the US. Contact your local utility company to determine your kWh cost. At $.070 per kWh, the cost per day would be approximately $0.56 per day.

Machines require a dedicated 15-amp, 110-volt outlet.                                     

Sizes vary, however, our standard glass-front vending machine is H 72″, W 37″ – 52″, D 32″ – 35″ and our standard stack vending machine is H 72″ – 79″, W 28″ – 37″, D 33 1/2″ – 34.″