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Quick Facts About the Rise of Online Grocery Shopping

Promising growth for the beverage category

The Rise of Online Grocery Shopping: An Infographic

Online grocery shopping is more popular than ever — even for beverages, according to The Coca-Cola Company. Here are some fascinating facts about the trends and rapid growth in online grocery shopping.

Online grocery shopping is on the rise.
Recent research by The Coca-Cola Company revealed that the percentage of shoppers claiming to purchase grocery items online has increased more than 20% in the past year, proving its accelerating appeal to shoppers. Though traditional retail still accounts for the vast majority of food and beverage sales, online grocery shopping growth rates far outpace those of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. The online market is promising for the beverage category, with 60% of routine online grocery shoppers purchasing beverages. In the food and alcohol category alone, the online growth rate is projected to be 10 times higher than in-store growth rate, making winning in both online and offline venues a must.

Consumers appreciate convenience over price.
Our research shows that online grocery shoppers compared to general population are more likely to be millennials, affluent parents and urbanites. They are the early/fast adopters. These core online shoppers’ definition of “value” often extends beyond price. In fact, online grocery shoppers are 50% more likely to pay for an item that helps save them time and typically spend on average 20% to 40% more on food and grocery items than their brick-and-mortar-only counterparts. When asked about motivations, two-thirds of online shoppers single out convenience, assortment or ease of delivery as their top motivations for purchasing online versus getting the best price.

Online shoppers are an opportunity for you.
Online grocery sales are poised for significant growth. As retailers expand availability of eCommerce and consumers find value in the increased convenience of the “always on” shopping opportunity, online grocery sales will grow exponentially. This is an opportunity for businesses to connect with shoppers and inspire purchases by leveraging tactics beyond price, appealing to a desire for convenience and personal needs. Talk to your Coca-Cola sales rep to discuss these ideas and see if this is an opportunity for you.

Published: September 30, 2016