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4 Ways to Sell More Snacks

More snacks can also lead to increased beverage sales

As today’s trends go … for many, elaborate, expensive meals are out; snacking is in. Snacks really deliver value to consumers driven by differing need states and occasions. They are convenient, affordable and can serve as a meal replacement for people watching their waistlines, wallets or the clock.

When it comes to driving sales, snacks represent a perfect opportunity for foodservice operators to sell more beverages, and to do so at all hours vs. peak meal times only.

Innovate your menu and maximize sales throughout the day by:

  1. Adding new menu items designed to appeal to guests after work, school or afternoon/evening activities
  2. Identifying current menu items that could also be positioned as snacks — such as sandwiches, sliders, mini burgers, sides — to drive traffic in alternate day-parts
  3. Pairing Coca-Cola beverages with snack offerings
  4. Promoting Coca-Cola beverages — including specialty beverages, smoothies, juices, shakes, lattes and cappuccinos — as stand-alone snacks

Get ready for your customers’ snack attack and be prepared to add incremental earnings to your bottom line.

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Published: February 11, 2012