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Premium Content from CokeSolutions   Coke Product Line - New 19.02-oz. Packaging
Special Convenience Store Offer: Free Idea-Packed eBooklet   Why Clean Ice Makers Matter
It’s free, it’s informative and it’s only for CokeSolutions readers. Get our valuable eBooklet: 5 Big Ideas to Jump-Start Your C-Store Business.   Get the inside scoop on quality drinks by routinely cleaning and sanitizing your ice dispenser.

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sixer™ Suits Distinct Consumer Needs
Ingenious packaging designed to appeal to variety seekers and those living in small households. See why a six-pack is receiving high fives.
Coca-Cola freestyle®: Results, Passion and Profitability
Watch this video to learn about the positive impact of Coca‑Cola Freestyle in the restaurant industry.
Unlocking the Door to Vending Ease
An electronic key for vending equipment increases efficiency, reduces theft and enhances customer service. Learn how this solution can deliver advantages for your operation.
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3 Websites; 1000s of Specialty Merchandise and POS Options!
Gain more mileage from your association with The Coca-Cola Company by ordering specialty merchandise and point-of-sale materials featuring popular Coca-Cola brands.
Help Women Reach the Top
Gender balance is a good business strategy. Learn how women can elevate their careers.
7 Terrific Drink Recipes Under 100 Calories
Are your diners watching their waistlines? Then consider offering specialty beverages that suit their desires, taste great and put more punch into your bottom line.
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Coke Catalog
Find Coca-Cola tumblers, Coke® glasses, stickers and more for your establishment.
Design Machine
Customize beverage marketing materials for your retail or food service outlet today.
Tailored Outlet-Level Execution
Use these floorplan layouts to maximize your business and drive profitable beverage sales.
Sustainability Quiz
Take this quiz to gauge the sustainability and efficiency of your restaurant or business.
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