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personalize your Coke and share with a friend   digital marketing in social media - hashtags
Share a Coke Campaign Rolls Out in the U.S.   Hashtag Etiquette Made Easy
Coca-Cola invites people to find their own and others’ names and open a little extra happiness this summer by sharing a Coke together.   Master simple steps to more effectively use hashtags across your social networks.

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Helping Cut Greenhouse Gas One Cooler at a Time
The Coca-Cola Company installs its millionth HFC-free cooler worldwide in support of climate protection. See why.
vitaminwater® Dispenses Great-Tasting Hydration
vitaminwater® gives consumers both bottled and dispensed options, and retailers profitability. View this article for more information.
Coca-Cola freestyle® Experience Simulator
Never experienced a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine firsthand? Unsure what the consumer experience is like? View this article to learn more.
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6 Specialty Recipes for Summer
Stir some excitement into your summer menu offerings with six specialty beverage recipes from The Recipe Box on CokeSolutions.
Yelp Help
Follow tips designed to keep your Yelp page in top shape, leveraging good reviews and managing negative comments.
Build Sweat Equity with POWERADE® Tropical Mango Flavor
Learn why this sports drink category is important for convenience retailers.
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Coke Catalog
Find Coca-Cola tumblers, Coke® glasses, stickers and more for your establishment.
Design Machine
Customize beverage marketing materials for your retail or food service outlet today.
Tailored Outlet-Level Execution
Use these floorplan layouts to maximize your business and drive profitable beverage sales.
Sustainability Quiz
Take this quiz to gauge the sustainability and efficiency of your restaurant or business.
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