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Gold Peak® Coffee
Gold Peak - Fresh Brewed Coffee Our philosophy is simple: bring the most delicious, flavorful coffee to everyone we can. The smooth and rich flavors of Gold Peak Coffee are first found in the high quality Arabica beans we use. This species is grown in altitudes of 3,000 - 6,000 feet. Then we take special care in how we harvest, dry, sort, roast, package and dispense our coffee so that no Arabica bean unlocks its potential before you take that first sip. Try a cup of Gold Peak Coffee and discover the taste that brings you home.

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Product Category Coffee
Brand Positioning Gold Peak Coffee is a branded solution from the Coca-Cola Company. Combined with tea, we now have a branded Brewed Beverage solution for coffee and tea. Try Gold Peak today, the taste that brings you home.
Target Audiences Broad spectrum (18-49)
Features and Benefits A high quality roast ground product, equipment, service and business building support options available.
Packaging Ground coffee in fractional packets that produce 64 fl-oz. of coffee.
Flavors Dark roast, light roast, decaf and sustainable organic.
Food Pairing BBQ, Breakfast / Brunch - Sweet, Burgers / Steaks, Desserts, Mexican / Latin, Sandwiches - Richer Protein, Sandwiches - Vegan, Snacks - Sweet
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