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Minute Maid® Smoothies
Minute Maid® Smoothies by Coca-Cola Brands Made with real fruit juices and/or fruit puree, Minute Maid® Smoothies are a cool treat that consumers of all ages love. These frozen treats are growing in popularity and appearing on menus everywhere. Smoothies are an exciting and great tasting addition to beverage portfolio.
Product Category Smoothie Mixes
Brand Positioning Minute Maid is the brand that makes consumers feel good from the inside out. “Put Good In. Get Good Out.®
Target Audiences Millennial Adults
Features and Benefits Fruity taste; filling snack; fun, indulgent treat; the perfect "lifestyle" food for today's consumer.
Packaging Shelf stable comes in a 46-fl.-oz. Tetra packaging/ Combi bloc.
Frozen comes in a 32-fl.-oz. Gable Top.
Flavors Frozen Flavors: Banana, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate Berry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Strawberry Banana. Dairy-Based: Vanilla ice Cream, Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt.
Shelf-Stable Flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana. Flavors may vary by market.
Food Pairing Breakfast / Brunch - Savory, Breakfast / Brunch - Sweet, Snacks - Salty
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