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sixer™ Suits Distinct Consumer Needs
Packaging Innovation - Coca-Cola sixer™

Good things come in small packages. sixer™, an exciting packaging innovation from The Coca-Cola Company, contains six 12-fl. oz. cans that are lightweight, portable and easy to carry. It’s convenient for anyone on-the-go and shoppers on a fill-in trip or making a purchase for future consumption.

Well suited for smaller households, such as urban dwellers and empty nesters, sixer requires limited refrigerator or pantry space because of its reduced size. And it’s stackable, vertically and horizontally. Plus, because it costs less than a 12-pack, sixer can be ideal for budget-minded shoppers.

sixer also satisfies those who seek variety. Buying only six cans of one brand encourages the purchase of other beverage options, enabling consumers to enjoy an assortment of flavors that fit multiple occasions. Its initial rollout includes Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite® and Dr Pepper®/Diet Dr Pepper® (where aligned with Coca-Cola Bottler). Coming later this year, sixer will leverage popular flavor brands to incite trial of Cherry Coke®, Fanta® Orange, Fanta® Strawberry, Barq’s® Root Beer, Mello Yello®, Seagram’s® Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Ginger Ale® (where aligned with Coca-Cola Bottler) and FUZE® Iced Tea Lemon.

As the needs and preferences of consumers change, The Coca-Cola Company helps its customers satisfy people’s thirst in imaginative and unique ways. The compact packaging presents something novel and interesting in the marketplace, driving an opportunity for increased sales — especially in grocery and convenience retail stores.

The launch is reinforced by media support and customer-specific programming, as well as in-store messaging and point-of-sale (POS) tools.

In stores, sixer can utilize corrugate rack merchandising units for incremental in-store placement, which are updated with new graphics to drive trial. A semi-permanent, corrugated merchandiser that fits nicely in small-store formats is available as well.

sixer racks can be ordered on Coke Catalog and POS tools can be accessed on Design Machine. For more information about this enticing package, contact your Coca-Cola representative.

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